3rd Sargodha Literary Festival 2020


The third edition of the Sargodha Literary Festival, held at Sargodha University during March 11-12, provided an electrifying platform for a lively exchange of views on literature, art and books, left an indelible colorfast memory in the hearts and minds of visitors. 

The festival lasted two days, had seven interactive sessions in two parallel streams and featured 20 guest speakers. Film Screening, three art exhibitions, pastel color workshop, two theatrical performances and book fest were also part of the festivity. 
The brainchild of Dr Amir Sohail, Sargodha Literary Festival, started its journey in 2018, continues to make conscious efforts in bringing intellectuals, activists, famed writers, celebrities, and artists, to engage its attendees in vigorous critical discussions to revive the tradition of art, culture and historical legacy. 

In opening remarks, Dr Amir Sohail shared his experience of being part of previous SLFs and shed light on the idea behind its conception. 

The Sargodha Literary Festival – is now three editions old and has become the region’s biggest literary fest. It promises to get better and better as its reach expands with each episode.

Dr Amir Sohail Professor of Urdu Islamia University of Bahawalpur

While speaking at the inaugural ceremony Dr Ishtiaa Ahmad, the Vice Chancellor, welcomed the guests and informed the audience that the SLF initiative was taken to set a stage for generating critical discourse by the meaningful exchange of ideas. SLF is an incredible opportunity for the youth to participate in dialogue culture for creating a better social and cultural environment. He urged the students to adopt a reading habit to broaden the horizon of thinking and instil a spirit of augmentative debate.

The unique feature of the SLF is its multilingualism outlook embracing diversity by conducting sessions in English and Urdu as well as in Punjabi.

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

Appreciating the efforts on organizing SLF, the chief guest of the opening ceremony Deputy Commissioner Sargodha Abdullah Nayyar highlighted the role of literary festivals in breaking taboos and stereotypes by promoting the culture of dialogue, the idea of raising questions and the norm of respecting opinions of others. 
The students, who fall in love with reading, theatrical performances, art works and exhibitions underlined the need of such events. Fiza Arshad, Student of Mass communication appreciated the initiative while claiming that this literary festival infused new life into the intellectual well-being of people and provided an ample opportunity for exchanging constructive thoughts and ideas across all social boundaries.

About 20,000 literati, book lovers and culture enthusiasts flocked to the Festival to learn more about the literary endeavours of national think tanks and to experience the cultural heritage from close quarters.

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